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New 2.4 GHz hardware coming
The next generation of 802.11nbg units are coming.

There will be a true external antenna model that is not a retrofit of a unit with an internal antenna.  Ken is considering offering 5 dB whip antennas for the places where distance is not an issue and a circular pattern would be a benefit.  They would be ideal for in home and other hot-spot style uses.

The complete unit with an antenna would be very similar to the existing War1B, except is uses newer chips and has a faster CPU.

The really BIG change is that Openwrt will be the firmware.  I have become quite proficient with Openwrt and it is a decent replacement for StarOS.  Unfortunately it will have a Web User Interface only.  I can hear the groans and the cheers, but suffice to say I have no other option at the moment.  I am not a huge fan of Web Gui simply because it generates so much traffic and is slow.  The reality, though, is that it can configure everything that is needed, and actually gets rarely used.  Not many people will change configurations daily.

Initially the software will be stock Openwrt, but I am busy adding the capability for Licensed channels and the Sync feature.

The one thing I get from Openwrt, that I truly am in need of, is support.  With Tony gone, there was a big gap, but with Openwrt that is now filled quite nicely.  The kernel, driver and pretty much all system programs are very new and the Openwrt guys are continually updating as new things are released.

I have run a test with a 2.4 GHz AP and 5 associated clients.  4 of those clients were doing an iperf throughput test, all at the same time.  So it was 4 BIG users beating on it for 2 days.  Not a single dropout, stall, or reboot.  Using the bandwidth limiter I leveled them all at 15 mbps and they got anywhere from 10 mbps to 15 mbps, which was quite impressive.  Normally a big user with strong signal will hog the bandwidth, which is not good when you are trying to make everybody content.

So, I have great faith in the hardware and firmware.  This should get us back to the days when our units ran forever.

I would be very interested in feedback about this.

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