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the DCMA-81
Hmm...didnt realise they were as underpowered, wont be ordering them again so. :mad:
ripv Wrote:802.11a = 17db @ 6-24mbps

By the way I just realised it's DCMA-82's I've been using and ordered again - sorry - can't comment on the 81's Smile
Their site says these card wont be in stock until the 5th of December. Is their site incorrect, or do you just not mind waiting! Wink
Mine are on route - must have put them out of stock though..Big Grin
Ive had mixed results with this dcma82 card. It used to be my favorite but I've had a rash develop low rx... and I'm not sure if there's two rev's of the card because some have certain chips and others don't. I've also seen a chip fall off a couple of the cards...
SR2 is still my 802.11b/g card of choice for older sectors that we won't be upgrading the CPE's to 802.11n. Amazing rx sensitivity and I always turn the power down quite a bit since I think it is a 29dB card by default.
I must say our experience with the DCMA82 cards has been excellent, although we did always buy the more expensive Industrial Temperature Range model. I'm not sure if this was physically any different to the standard one, as it's the only one we ever used - Model DCMA82i.

PC Engines used to have them for about €7 more than the normal ones (approximately €33 vs €26 last time we purchased them). Touch wood never had a failure or a faulty one so far, we've moved over to N now so are not buying any new ones (incidently PC Engines don't list the Industrial model at the moment). are listing them:
Have always had great luck with these cards. Was using them in most of our APs. Only one I had that ever "went bad" was when I was finishing up an upgrade to a site with 4 sectors in place of the 2 that had been there. Almost dark and I was moving a pigtail and it slipped from my fingers and skimmed across the unshielded area of the board, a few little sparks flew, the AP rebooted and this card was no longer visible by the OS. Fortunately I just popped another in and it worked fine, no damage to the War4-Metro. Not exactly the card's fault anyway. Should plug in pigtails when the unit is powered off anyway.

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