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Lightning protection
This seems like a fairly important topic, just wanted to share some info I ran across on polyphaser's site. The main page is

If you have time you should really read everything on that page, but if not, I think these cover most of it

It might not be new knowledge, but I found it very informative
I saw someone ask about this recently... the search function finds all sorts of useful info...
These links no longer work (9 years later... LOL). I'm STF on 'Lightning Protection' and found this old thread, so I thouht I'd ask: Does anyone have good 'must-read' info on Lightning protection?

We haven't really had much problems with lightning over the years, but in the last couple years it seem that we've had many, many more violent lightning storms and tornadoes and unusually violent weather. So, we're going to have to do better lightning protection and grounding going forward, and so I'm looking for advice and suggestions on the best practices.

Thanks in advance. Smile
I found this:

The brushes are pretty cool because they dissipate the energy and potentially stop a strike or at least will reduce it. The key thing for a lightning rod is a very sharp point to discharge the energy building up. The brushes work on the concept of a whole bunch of sharp rods and from what I researched in the past, they do work.

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