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New products with 11ac support
In the week before I went on a holiday I confirmed that StarOS does in fact have support for the 11ac cards, but the user interface is not complete.

Ken has ordered me some development boards for 11ac units similar to the War1B.  Without Tony I am having to face the task of developing for a new platform, and the task would be rather difficult.  However, these new units have full OpenWRT support.  I have played with OpenWRT for the Ventana to build a network storage device, and I am comfortable with it.  The web UI is not as easy as StarOPS for some things and is way easier for others.  Flip a coin.

One thing I have found is that the Ventana build, using the very latest 18.06.x is very stable for 11n and the 11ac support is very good.  Both card varieties have been run to multiple clients and have passed more than 24 hours of simultaneous throughput testing.  Using a single antenna, ie 1x1, the 11ac is giving me well over 200 mbps, and that is kinda awesome for a drop in backhaul replacement.  As needs grow it would only require a 2x2 antenna to achieve 400+ mpbs.

So, I will be switching new development from StarOS to OpenWRT.  I like the StarOS user interface and I will be updating the drivers to the latest OpenWRT drivers, but only after I get the OpenWRT builds done.  I am expecting for Ken to have the Wa1B style units available in 30 to 45 days, so if you need 11ac they are very close now and will meet your needs.
An Update in is order.

I have OpenWrt working for new War1B style 2.4 GHz and 11AC system. I am working o getting the current War1B 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz units supported as well.

I have a solution to convert from StarOS to OpenWrt for the current War1B systems. It will be available when I release the firmware for the current systems. I can also easily convert Ventana to OpenWrt. Rather than continue to provide support for StarOS on older hardware I think it is best to simply provide a much more modern OS upgrade.

The Luci Web GUI is functional but a new solution is also being worked on. It uses C# for the display and database storage and communicates using TCP. It is WAY quicker than the Web interface but at this time is not as pretty. C# will make that attainable after I get the core going. I am first going to make it work, then make it pretty.

OpenWrt is proving to be a good Embedded framework and I do not regret my decision to make the switch.

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