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MyWisp Password Organizer
I have made the Password Organizer available for download and sale.

It is a secure password storage program with a powerful Mapping addon.    The system utilizes a FreeForm database, meaning that any record can hold any items you wish.  I even have a Spreadsheet that can be a standalone TAB or embedded in a data record.

The Wisp features are that it nicely maps the units and allows you draw lines connecting them.  It also has the ability to gather the remote information and store it locally.  It can upload and update a system with new firmware.  It has a single click to SSH in the site.  For Browser access it has a popup with the username and password info that copies to the system clipboard with a single click, then paste it to the data form.  

I do not let my Browser save that info, because I am quite worried about having that info too easily accessible.  For instance, and I cannot remember which browser, but I was presented with a screen that would allow me to gather all of the passwords from any other browser I have installed.  This seems quite helpful, BUT, the issue is that if the browser can do it, then any malware can definitely do it as well, and that is TRULY scary.  By not allowing the browser to be "helpful" you have a lot more security.  

You might think this all just a waste of time and energy, imagine the time and energy you will waste if your login information ever gets compromised.  Do you even have a list of sites you would need to change login info for?

The free Trial period is 90 days which will give you plenty of time to decide whether the system is worth $20 or not.

I use my install to organize pretty much every bit of data.  My banking is available, as are all of my Software License and Website that I visit.  All database info is stored using AES 256 bit encryption.  If you choose a decent Master Password you should be quite safe from password brute force and dictionary attacks.  This will allow you to have strong, unique passwords for nearly every online site, rather than using one you can remember and being vulnerable should one of those sites get compromised.

Please have a look and feel free to PM me with any suggestions or requests.
Thanks Lonnie, will try out the software when I get some time.
I would be happy to provide some one-on-one support to show people how to use this. It uses fairly standard Windows GUI techniques, so most people will understand it but might need some guidance to show them what it is capable of.

I have added an embedded Browser based on IE that can make an image of the site and put it into the data record. This is now the basis of a decent book marker organizer with the ability to describe the site for proper searching.
I have a new version on the files site.

I have made some database changes and mapping line drawing to accommodate multiple line into a marker. Previously it could only do multiple lines from a marker.

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