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Big Changes
In order to satisfy PayPal I was required to have TLS 1.2 and the server was built with a very old Ubuntu (pre 12) and unfortunately a more modern openssl was not available for it.

The cure was to build up a new Server with Ubuntu 16.04 and that process is now done.  It was time.

1.  License Keys was the hardest to move because of of the new libraries.  The license generator C++ code had to be modified and updated.  Now it should be ready another 5 to 10 years.  I also fixed that annoying spinner and Dismiss button not working issue.  I had thought it was because Flash is being fazed out but it turned out the be an even simpler problem.  One of the javascript files was no longer offered for download so the website was not getting the files it required.

2. This Support Forums has been changed over to MyBB.  I was in the process of re-installing vBulletin on this new server and was backing up and restoring the database when, for some reason the new Forums AND the old suddenly were showing a database error.  That was simply not possible for the old site because I most certainly did not modify anything on the old site.  As near as I can figure, the company locked out both Forums because I only have a license for a single domain.  Thanks, if that was the reason.  Anyway, MyBB was very good at importing the old site and I finally got the passwords going, so now you should be able to login with your old password.

3. is using Wordpress and it was a piece of cake to move it.  In the process I cleaned up the Menus.  When I get some time I'll also clean up some the 5 year old "news" items.

4. I have added Filegator to handle downloads again.  It is available from the menu or simply

5. Overall, the new site is way faster, as it has more memory and uses SSD drives.

6.  It has been a learning experience and I will say I now pretty good at moving databases.

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