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Ventana boards are just too darn expensive
Way over priced. Lonnie, can't you do anything about this?
Do you have a different board that is less expensive?
MT boards are way less expensive.
What sort of price would you think is OK? How many would you be willing to purchase at your target price?

I'm open to suggestions from everybody, but bear in mind you have to be reasonable for a 6 radio quad core 1 GHz unit with awesome POE support.
Anybody who wishes to discuss this privately can email me at lonnie dot nunweiler at gmail dot com

I'm happy to speak on the phone, but let's have an initial email to set that up.
It is time to get serious about the hardware again. I have ignored it for too long.

I am going to add hardware to the store again so expect a YSYL sale to start it off. It will be somewhere around March 1. Nobody is stepping forward with their price expectations so I'll take a shot and try to guess what will satisfy many of you.
I am slowly making progress with the website. It is taking longer than expected so I might just resurrect the old Hardware store and use it until I get the next whizz bang ecommerce store going.

Ventana is going to be $250 bare, ie no power supply, case, radios or OS. Discounts for quantity orders will be given but I have not yet decided what that will be. Oh yeah and shipping will be free, at least for the YSYL sale.

It will come with the Gateworks Openwrt and I will make available the script I have used to make a decent home router with network storage via a SSD in one of the mini PCI slots. The last I saw they were up to 480 GB which is pretty decent.

I'll post here when the store is ready and orders can be taken.
250 is a good price. Much better tha the 400 o the web store
How much does it cost with star?
Quite some time ago I made the decision to not sell hardware, and this is not the time to change that, Therefore, I have worked with Ken and arranged a YSYL for the Ventana hardware.

For this YSYL sale, 48V POE and radio cards are also substantially reduced. The price on the Cue-Link store reflects a loaded and licensed StarOS firmware.

You can buy a nice case from Gateworks. If we bought them and shipped to Canada, it would be a very costly add-on, what with double shipping costs.

Enjoy, but as with any YSYL sale, you have to order while the sale is in effect.

You Snooze You Lose. Wrote:How much does it cost with star?
Ken and I agreed that perhaps some buyers would not want StarOS and would prefer to save the money and use OpenWRT, so the unit price has been decreased and StarOS is an option.

The boards have an old OpenWRT version loaded that will allow an easy web based upgrade to a much newer one.

I have one setup that has a 480 GB SSD disk in it and it makes a great LITTLE network storage server with some local radios if you wish. I find it handy open putty sessions into it for all my testing of the local devices. Never did like the web GUI much, as ssh and text UI are all I need.
Just 3 days to go. Ken will end this on the evening of the 15th. Now is the time if you have any desire for these boards.

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