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Relase of
Link removed. Please use the 9201 release

I have re-purposed the ping watchdog so that it functions as a watchdog that activates rather than a reboot. NOTE: This means that if you were using the ping watchdog to reboot it will now not do that, and instead will do a radio activate.

This is a temporary solution to the AP stall that seems to have not been fixed. It will allow this release to be used and you should not have to babysit your system looking for stalled AP units.

I am working on an automated system to use the association list and do an activate if needed. This will free up the ping watchdog to do a reboot which is a handy recovery tool.

There is a limitation of only monitoring a single IP, so you will need to choose one that seems to always get stalled, and note this is ONLY for the AP side, since it has been shown that nothing on the client will bring it back, even a reboot. It requires the AP to be activated.

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