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FYI, I have posted a new version.

The Ventana is rock solid for my 18 GB ftp session test. The SSH does quit and requires logging back in. I consider that important but have not had a chance to look at it. The APU and War1B versions are also rock solid as well on the 18 GB ftp test. Never a stall and it completes every time. Other releases have not been tested.

I'd be curious about the war1b AP stall issue. It seems everyone has complained about it, but testing a new version is not a priority. I worked hard to get this new 9095 built and hopefully fix the reliability issues, so it would be appreciated if you guys would give it a spin. Although it might not fix all issues, it is a BIG improvement over previous versions and did fix a number of critical driver code flaws.
George, I sure would recommend putting 4800-9095 on those Ventannas.
I trust you don't have to climb anything but a stepladder for that site ;-)
I haven't had the "no associating stall" that required power cycling since 4456.
A couple of things power related.
1.Try to use the on board jack and make sure you have the correct mating socket for the pin size.
2. If you have to use cable POE I might suggest the injector and splitter approach using the on board jack.
My research shows these boards have a built in delay and a heavy inrush .
Also there are many things that can happen with all the different permutations of POE supplies and "Non standard , standards" between manufactures.
(I use 48 vdc at at least 2 amps DIN rail mounted regulated power modules.) # 14 stranded wire doesn't hurt any soldered into right angle plugs.
3. Lonnie pointed out that you might be in a session and your SSH will disconnect.
I just log back in and I am good to go. I am sure Lonnie will get that annoyance isolated and solved soon has I am sure it gets him once in awhile.
Something to watch out for ....If you add a radio card after your initial setup it will rearrange your wpci order.
I added a 4th radio and the order went to 1,2,4,3. I went to replace a laguna and it bit me.
I took the new Vent replacement back to the shop and checked the mac address of each radio card against the antenna ports and had to rearrange and double check everything before I try to change it out again.
I bought a couple of the GATEWORKS little black enclosures to mount Vents in and they come with a alum. cube block. as a heat spreader.
My sbc's came with a finned heat sink attached and I don't even want to try disturbing it so I removed the sliding side panels out of the enclosure to let air in and heat out. These enclosures will be in a protected pole box so I am using them as a means to mount the board in a professional manner.
The verdict is still out on the question of how hot is too hot I am sure I will find out soon.
No ping WD doesn't do anything that is why I started down the path of making sure I had good stable power.
Jump in I don't see any gators or snakes with this version.
You can always jump back.
Best of luck.

"I have no excuses, Just reasons"

Where did you buy the SBC's?
I'm assuming the are Ventana
What revision are they?
I got them from Ken at Cue-Link.
4 x Gateworks Ventana i.MX6Q GW5410-SP301-D @ 800 MHz pasted from one in the field.
I am sure I bought 4 of these right after they came out or within that year anyway.
Then 2 more this year. I suspect from reading your post you got the same version as I.
I just checked and the stall issue stopped when I installed a test version 4710-8764 that one has been up for 80+ days and I will put the latest on it most likely this week.
The 4710 was issued for my testing just prior to the latest that we have now.
We had to fix a couple of non stall related things before Lonnie released 4800-9095
I put it on the 2 War1b links and have had no problems with it either.

"I have no excuses, Just reasons"


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