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It is important that you review the Features, especially the ones that are not yet implemented -- OLSR being the key one. You must be using static routing only

Please test on an easy to access system and make sure it is stable for your situation. The firmware has been stress tested for general function and throughput in an indoor environment. Your outdoor and long term use "might" not be the same. I have NOT had any issues with upgrading and absolutely NO BRICKS have been created. I will say this is a safe release and your long term use will determine its reliability.

PLEASE post any reports, good or bad of your testing and use. Your feedback is important and helps me to make repairs.

Main Features of the Release
- FULL Licensed Frequency support.
- FULL Bridging support.
- NO Hidden ESSID.
- NO Full Duplex.
- NO Basic SYNC support.
- NO OLSR support. It is work in progress.

- make sure you do NOT use u-APSD on the clients

- This is the driver from the 4.6 series with some enhancements i have learned while working on 4.8 I need to have the core functionality tested for reliability, mainly to see if the AP stall issue is gone. PLEASE give this a test in a spot that has problems. I am fairly sure the AP issue is gone because I can run a very brutal stress test: A throughput test at 3,000 to 4,000 LBytes/sec and memory test while pinging. This test runs overnight, so 7+ hours and the pings did not lose a single one.

The following versions have been added and tested

- WAR-1B
- Ventana
- Laguna
I am aware that the status screen bps rates are not accurate. An accurate reading can be obtained by going to the setup screen and ticking live data. The fix is work in progress, as I have to rewrite that bit of logic. To make matters even worse, if you have more than one sshy session open, the traffic falls even lower, indicating that my calculations seem to not be sharing the data and instead consume it.

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