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I am pleased to add the following releases, Version for the WAR-1B and APU. Others will follow in the coming weeks.

It is available now for download at

Please test on an easy to access system and make sure it is stable for your situation. The firmware has been stress tested for general function and throughput in an indoor environment. Your outdoor and long term use "might" not be the same. I have NOT had any issues with upgrading and absolutely NO BRICKS have been created. I have, however, noticed that clients may NOT reboot after an upgrade, BUT a power cycle brings them right up. I am investigating why. I will say this is a safe release and your long term use will determine its reliability.

PLEASE post any reports, good or bad of your testing and use. Your feedback is important and helps me to make repairs.

Main Features of the Release
- FULL Licensed Frequency support.
- FULL Bridging support.
- Hidden ESSID.
- Full Duplex.
- Basic SYNC support.
- OLSR has been upgraded to
- APU ethernet performance has doubled.
- units seem more responsive.

- make sure you do NOT use u-APSD on the clients

- This is the latest driver AND and a kernel update to 3.18.45 so I need to have the core functionality tested for reliability and to see if the AP stall issue is gone. PLEASE give this a test in a spot that has problems. I am fairly sure the AP issue is gone but my tests are indoors and less than 100 feet, but mostly non line of sight. There are typically 20+ competing stations on a site survey.

The following versions have been added and tested

- WAR-1B
I could get my PTP link using war1b units but the licenced channels do not work at all in AP mode. Says initializing. in logs says card entered disabled state fyi.
Is that 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz?

Ryan Wrote:I could get my PTP link using war1b units but the licenced channels do not work at all in AP mode. Says initializing. in logs says card entered disabled state fyi.
WAR1B Access Point, 2.4 GHz - running throughput results = 16 Mbit (TX to client) - 22 Mbit (RX from client)

WAR1B Access Point, 2.4 GHz - running throughput results = < 1 Mbit (TX to client) - 2 Mbit (RX from client)

With, the throughput test often breaks and doesn't even complete.

I've rolled back to
That is frustrating. Somehow I must have changed a define in the driver. The kernel should have had no such affect, but I obviously broke something with adding thew new driver.

Sorry. (back to work)
I can try this on another AP tomorrow too. However, this was on our AP #86, which has only one CPE on it anymore. So, it should be an OK test and I did try it back and forth a couple times, to try to be sure it wasn't in distress or didn't need a reboot or anything like that. I didn't try this on anything close (in the shop) this was in the wild, at a couple KM distance.
Arggggg. So sorry.

While i was digging through the distance code for the 4.9 driver I found a few things that seemed to show our code was not as good as it could be, so I went with the standard. Well, we had it right all along. I figured it was OK because it did not have any performance drop, but I can only test real close.

I am doing some testing and will make a release tomorrow. Also, I have the Ventana updated, so it will also be released.

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