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Release 4.8.8848 adding Licensed Frequency support
Further to the above, Hidden ESSID also works perfectly.

ninedd, have you had any AP stalls or client throughput issues?
lonnie Wrote:ninedd, have you had any AP stalls or client throughput issues?
Yes. We put it on 3 AP's now, and the 3rd one (our AP#49) we put it on yesterday evening. It rebooted about an hour after first putting it on and we didn't know why at the time - that could have been 'one of those oddball things' I guess - bit it might have also been because the clients went idle with an AP stall. So, it rebooted and we didn't really know why, but, it's been running 23 hours 17 minutes since then, and watching it this evening, the throughput has dropped to nearly zero twice already this evening, and a manual activate restores the throughput both times.

When it's in the Low Thoughtput state, all the clients get maybe 20-40 KBytes at most... and I can't usually even do a throughput test to them... a StarUtil pass -tx will typically fail rather than even run. When I do a 'starutil AP's_IP AP's_Pass -a' to cause the AP to 'activate', I can then throughput test to the same clients at 30 Mbit 10 seconds later when they re-associate.

This AP is a WAR1B, 2.4Ghz with 28 clients on it. All the clients are StarOS of course, 25 of them are WAR1A or WAR1B clients, 3 of them are older low-use clients that still have WAR1-MIPS.
3rd time tonight on our AP#49 just now. I watched it and let it continue to get worse and worse and then when it could no longer reliably ping the client i have setup in the ping watchdog, it then rebooted the AP.
DANG. double DANG.

I have uploaded build 8871 for the War1B. Can you give it a try, please?

It adds some error checking and a recovery that should be not as disruptive as the full activate.
I discovered a patch that was yet to be applied that basically does not record the rate if it is the lowest. I am putting this into the code, so now you should not be seeing the low rates. It will show that last rate that was higher, which is a better indication of what you can expect from the link.

I thought long and hard on this and decided that the very low rates does not tell you much except that the link is idle. Typically you expect a rate to drop if there is noise but this is not any sort of indication of the link quality.

So, I reverse my position and you get no lowest rates.

ninedd Wrote:Hi. This is a minor cosmetic thing - but with 4.8.8848 on the AP, connections with no traffic coming across them show 1 Mbit as the RX rate on the AP association list. I know that's likely because they are just getting beacons, and those beacons are 1Mbit - but I thought I'd mention it as a low priority thing to look at at some point.

Just to be clear - this is not performance affecting - they ping first time, the rates immediately snap back to whatever they truly are on the first ping, and if we leave the connection idle, they'll drop back to display 1 Mbit after exactly 30 seconds. So it is just cosmetic and can wait till after bridging or whatever is the top of the more-urgent list.

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