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I am pleased to release Version

download at

Please test this on an easy to access system and make sure it is stable for your situation. The firmware has been tested for general function on an indoor environment. Your outdoor and long term use "might" not be the same. I have NOT had any issues with upgrading and absolutely NO BRICKS have been created. I will say this is a safe release and your long term use will determine its reliability.

PLEASE post any reports, good or bad of your testing and use. Your feedback is important and helps me to make repairs.

Main Features of the Release

- Licensed Frequency support.
- Bridging support.
- Hidden ESSID.
- Full Duplex.
- Basic SYNC support.
- added support for the War1A systems
- make sure you do NOT use u-APSD on the clients
- some tweaks to Auto Noise Immunity (ANI). Seems to not cause any issues

The following versions have been tested

- Gateworks Ventana
- PC Engines APU
- War1B
- Gateworks Laguna
- Gateworks Avila
- SIAM-C0113208R1 or War1A
I apologize for not increasing the Version number. The Build Number has been increased so it will appear different than the previous Release.
OK, I've put this build on 3 AP's including the WAR1A-SIAM CPE's with no problems so far - at least on the WAR1A's with 802.11n cards that I've tried it on so far.
One improvement over the war1A is that they now associate without a bunch of retries. Hopefully this will make your war1B AP systems more stable. Good luck on your testing and thanks for trying it out.

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