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New release
While doing a further code audit I discovered that one data lock in 8738 was incorrect, so it is now fixed. Note it was in a section for closing down Power Saving so was not likely to have caused any issues. In any event that has been fixed.

8738 seems to have fixed the AP stall issue so this is now a general maintenance release.

Work has begun to expand and improve the AP to Client SYNC function.

Please post any news you might have regarding this release, especially with respect to the AP stalling or NOT stalling. I am also very interested in reports about the War1B which had many tweaks and fixes.

Main Features of the Release

- Licensed Frequency support.
- Bridging support.
- Hidden ESSID.
- Full Duplex.
- Basic SYNC support.
- This has reverted one patched driver locking fix from 8738.
- 8738 seems to have fixed the AP stall issue, so this is a moving forward release.

The following versions have been tested

- Gateworks Ventana
- PC Engines APU
- War1B
- Gateworks Laguna
- Gateworks Avila
lonnie Wrote:8738 seems to have fixed the AP stall issue so this is now a general maintenance release.
We still have WAR1B Access Points still going to '0 Clients' with firmware. As mentioned, I've been away for the last 2 weeks, so I"m just now trying build 8747 on them so I'll put that on tonight and report back.

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