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Atheros Radio Power Level Question
We have some close in customers and signals get pretty hot, mid 40's to low 50's. My son tells me I shouldn't run the cards Tx Power under 10 because they will burn up/out pretty fast. I don't remember reading anything to that effect. I do remember Lonnie advising that 60 was about the sweet spot. I've set a couple as low as 4-6 recently, will that really cause a future problem. Talking wlm and/or cm9 cards.
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I have a few spots where we have set the power as low as 1 to keep the signals in line at the tower. Seems to work, or just get some really small antennas. (never seen to get around to that one)

Been doing it that way for years, never had any trouble yet.
The power control on the cards is like your hifi (new term, eh?). It simply reduces the drive level to the final amplifier and running low is NOT a problem. Running high is what causes heat and distortion which is simply wasted energy as noise.
Hi Greg, Many of my sites are only a block or two apart so this is somewhat of an issue for me. Coupled with the fact that I use 19 dbi panels to keep the beam width as tight as possible and not spray signals all over the place. I too run many with the power level turned down to 1. I haven't really had any observable problems running a little hot but if I see the quality and signal levels jumping around a lot that is the first thing I check. I have posted before that I have even made 10 or 20 dbi attenuators to get things down to the sweet -60 level. Maybe your son was remembering postings regarding the SR series radios that did not want more that 10 dbi drive before the afterburner amp. He might have gotten that info mixed up in his mind. Happens to me all the time. LOL

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I've run some clients at tx power 5 or 8 for years without any issue.

-55 is a good target, you can actually still benefit slightly from that kind of additional signal without worrying about that being too loud.
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