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Looking for a support fiber gig card that i can put directly into server version
Looking for a support fiber gig card that i can put directly into server version. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on supported fiber cards that will work on staros?? This card will be used with a direct connect with gig circuit on one of our providors. We are having too many issues with cat6 cross connect in data center and need something more reliable.
Would have to ask Tony if the Intel X520 series is supported, just needs the Linux ixgbe driver. The X520-DA2 will take an HP HP 453153-001 1gbit 1000BaseSX SFP.

We just use switches that have SFP ports, though, and still use regular old copper 1000BaseT to the routers/servers.
StarOS Community Wiki:
I ordered some of these

Intel PRO/1000 MF PCI-X Server Adapter fiber Nic card C37039-002

Anyone have any experience with these??
@Tog, The Server and PC editions support all network cards that are supported by Linux, natively.
These Fiber cards worked great although they are multimode and our provider had to switch their gbic cards to multimode for us.
Thanks for checking back in. Those Intel cards have SFP+ slots so you can choose your own optics, they should support just about any 1000BaseLX SFP for use with singlemode fiber, too! Sorry, when I pointed out an example SFP I should have looked for a singlemode and not a multimode SFP since singlemode is the most commonly used in any telecom or datacenter application.
StarOS Community Wiki:

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