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Letters of support for STAR-OS and VNC ?
Lonnie and Tony,
Is there anyone we can call or write that might help getting info from anyone regarding the A and G cards and drivers ?

Anything to help.

"I have no excuses, Just reasons"

We now have Intersil and Atheros so work has begun. Now go outside and play since summer won't last long.
Are any of the Atheros cards certified with any antennas?
What is the output power level?

I'm working with a customer that is also a WISP, and they are using motorolla canopy radios... They don't need amps as they run at 1 watt, ERP 7 watts (according to the wisp).... at that power level the 6db penalty for 5ghz isn't an issue. They are too expensive of course...
The units probably are not certified. We have some Dlink units to play with and they are including a little omni with it. At this time there seems to be no effort to make outdoor units. That will come. All it will take is one guy and you'll see a huge rush to be there too.

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