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Star-V3 Server Edition abilities?
There's no manual about Star-V3 Server Edition about ethernet supported, board supported, features, etc. There's only a very tiny little info together with Star-V3 Router release. So how can we attracted n buy Star-V3 Server? Coz if we running Server Edition in free mode, there's nothing to see/try. If we have to buy before trying then its not as good as we thought, so how about the license we bought?
You must install the server and install the license once the install is finish with a request key generated by StarOS to have full feature so you will see if your hardware is support before buying the license. Feature are the same as StarOS board (firewall, olsr, quagga, etc) without wireless support. It's work really fine, we have use it for year.
You can also post your hardware and maybe Tony can say if there is support for them.
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Just load it up in free mode. It has support for full Ethernet routing and simply lacks wireless drivers. If your Ethernet is supported then you have a free router. If you want some of the missing things then buy a license. Many people do not need the other custom code provide under license.

We have some new web site development happening and we intend to address the lack of information for people new to our software.

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