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M1214 - mounting ?
Hi all,

Just received my first batch of M1214 antenna.
Im curious as to the mounting.
With pole mount, ie, wider with cable(s) coming from side, is this V polarization ? how come it was designed with cables to come out of sides, has anyone had any trouble with water leaks ? OR am I looking at this the wrong way, and it should be mounted Tall and narrow, with cable coming out of the bottom for V polarization ?

Many Thanks,

Out of Hundreds of the 1214's I have never had water intrusion. You should be a-okay.

If you mount tall and narrow you'll get H-Pol. When doing this, you'll mount with the ethernet passthough in the downward position.
We have had several 1214s that have leaked when mounted in the vertical position. I took pictures of some of them. They were all tightened and mounted properly but still leaked considerably, including growing some nasty stuff inside where they had leaked.

The amount of liquid inside the one I found wasn't enough to damage the CPE in question, the repair was unrelated.

None of our M1020s seemed to have leaked.
It would be worth a look to make sure that the rubber gasket ends are positioned at the bottom of the case (depending on H or V mounting).
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We've also noted a bit of leaking and have mounted these correctly. We figure it's coming in through the gasket with the cable somehow. I now get all our techs to throw a bit of extra e-tape on the connector just for that extra bit of protection. Seems to have done the job. And we have hundreds of these units out in the field.
We had problems until we moved the splice in the gasket to the bottom of the unit instead of the top, the wire entry was never a problem because we usually place a drip loop there.
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