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small 5G solid dish
There is also Serbian based Antenna manufacturer (there are several of them to be fair) with 26dB parabolic:

Beamwidth is 5 deg. all around, F/B ratio is 34dB, freq range is 5.1-5.9, it should be Aluminum with PVC coating, weight is 1.8Kg (4 pounds). Diametar is 480mm (or 500mm?) My self am not really exited with connector on the front part of the feed, but most likely am going to use them.

Spec. on English are in

Price ranges from 32 EUR for 1pcs to 26 EUR for 51 to 100 pcs. If anybody feals they like them, I could check furter with manufacturer.
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the best Antenna out there is a MTI. we have a few of them but they are very very expensive. but they will out preform any antenna out there
if you want a cadillac then get MTI. i will tell ya
i use what ever gets the job done
David L. Vrablic Wrote:I contacted Jirous using my best "broken Czech".
They don't have any distributors in the US but are willing to sell to us directly.
They sell the JRC-24 in sets of two.
a. They will send a proforma invoice.
b. We send a payment to their bank.
c. They send the dishes.
I am ordering a set of two to try in the field.
I will report as soon as I know anything for sure.
Now a little help please.
They have never sent any quantity of their product to the states.
Does anyone know what the procedure is and what transport company would be the most cost effective for pallet sized transactions?
Obviously It would be somewhat counterproductive to pay more in shipping that the cost of the productWink
Thanks all,


Just wondering did you ever get the 2 x JRC-24 dishes?
IF so would you recommend them?
No dag nab it!
It was such a hassle to get em across the pond.
The boss didn't bother.
I wound up using the 2 footers from Hyperlink that worked out great.

I don't see any reason why they would not work as long as they were not on some "God forsaken Mt top with with 70Kt winds" to fatigue the bracket mounting.
I like the covers.

"I have no excuses, Just reasons"

I know I'm bringing this this one back to life after quite a while so sorry in advance.

I got 2 of the JRC-24 dishes and wasn't very impressed with the build quality to be honest.

However I've come across this dish that looks to fit my criteria (ie small solid dish with approx 20dbi gain) - anyone have any experience of these ? or care to comment ?
Looks cheap to me. we just use the pac stuff for cpe installs and radiowaves for all backhaul links

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