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Where can I find an OLSR tutorial
Sorry, I have been reading the thread as it developed and I just read over the whole thread again and i'd missed quite a few things. I'll do a bit more studying.

I'm not using OSPF specifically, but generally, don't you just want to announce at each of your two border routers and let the network find its own way?

If you prefer to use one WAN connection as primary for everything, you can put some weights in so the other is non-preferred and will only be used when the first goes away.

Of course if there's a connectivity issue between you and the upstream provider, that doesn't stop announcing from the now-useless border router, you have to manually login and stop that announcement. But at least it's a quick change.
StarOS Community Wiki:
OSPF will not work as you have it designed. Duplicate IP's are a no-no. OSPF depends on duplicate paths but duplicate IP's will cause a big mess.

There is a CISCO book listed under the library topic. Cost is about $100 but will teach you about OSPF and network design. Highly recommended for anyone serious about this business.

Also, please don't hijack an OLSR thread. On second thought why not use OLSR?
Bridging and any kind of routing do not go hand at hand. First route all of your network then think about routing.

Then, instead/behind of a switch install single StarOS box (PC?) connected to the rest of the network.

Then you can even do policy routing (using firewall rules to mark packets to be policy routed) and either separate traffic via backhauls based on their IP, or redirected by hand to one or the other backhaul. Or just use OLSR or OSFP if they can automaticaly redirect traffic when one link goes down.

I am in the same boat, but I need to interface with some MT routers I am forced to integrate to our network and it seams OSFP is the only way.
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Sorry for jacking the thread Bud. Funny how you automatically think I'm not routed. You guys are hilarious. Dime a dozen.
You removed your example, but it was bridged and with all the same IP at the base. What DrLove was saying was to ditch the switch and assign unique subnets to each leg and let OSPF figure it out. If you do not need OSPF then OLSR is much easier. Why not give it a try?

rafamous Wrote:Sorry for jacking the thread Bud. Funny how you automatically think I'm not routed. You guys are hilarious. Dime a dozen.
Those are Typo's. I do not have duplicate IP's. Bridging is not turned on. Thanks for the info Lonnie. I guess I don't know how to draw out a network properly. It's all good.

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