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Request for documentation, explanation of activation procedures
"Well now Wilber" I guess I put this in the wrong place, Sorry about that!
This is a request for documentation I believe, so maybe I have the right Hopper this time.

Originally Posted by David L. Vrablic [Image: viewpost.gif]
I would like to see a list of what procedure is needed to activate each function or feature. Sometimes it is just a simple save and activate, sometimes it is on the fly and somethings take a full reboot to activate.
The goal is not to disrupt the customers any more than necessary.
Some procedures are just taken for granted.
Some one I know just told me he reboots after he does anything.
No one told him any different.
If the truth be told, sometimes I am not sure what does what and when.
So the question is
How to activate changes;

After a SYNC.
After changing OLSR script.
After setting the threshold window in the latest release.
After changing modes and radio configurations.

I think this would be good FAQ information and we can add it to the WIKI also.

Lonnie just posted the definitive answer to this question should someone be searching for this information in this forum. It is also partially covered in the manual on pages 23 and 24.

"All changes are made to a running copy, thus when you click OK or Save on a screen, it saves the form to the local copy of the running configs. Certain actions then also require an activate in order to have an orderly TCP/IP stack. ALL actions require that you use the Menu Save if you want to save anything to the flash for the next reboot."

"I have no excuses, Just reasons"

I sure would like to see an explanation of how the tx and rx pairs are set up.
Just what do the group numbers do.
How are they assigned and when do they need to be incremented.

I believe this to be a Valemount thing so Google isn't going to help here.
Also note: If there is a FW version where it isn't working properly that would be great information.

"I have no excuses, Just reasons"


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