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Solar Site
We are installing another solar site, and thought I would post an update on what we are doing with this new one.

Using a 140W solar panel, and the same MPPT charge controller. Only this time, we are using golf cart batteries. They are 6V batteries with a 216AH rating (67 Lbs). So I am using 4 of them, 2 in series and 2 in parallel to give me 12V and 432Ah. Price wasn't all that bad, $500.00 for all 4, and that includes the core charge I had to pay because of no trade ins.

This site has a Wrap and a 24V Metro so instead of all the brain damage of figuring out voltages with different inverters and converters, I'm just sticking a 12V to 110V inverter that you would put in your vehicle to run your laptop or whatever, and using my normal 110V power supplies. I was a little nervous about the extra draw, but it's not too bad. I setup a test Metro and Wrap on the bench with the normal power supplies we use and the power inverter and was pulling 1.6 amps, or 19.2 Watts. Hopefully that number doesn't go up toooo far when put into production. If it does, we'll throw another panel on.
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