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Can't quite figure this OLSR problem out
Hey guys,

Just started messing around with OLSR today. I've got a small setup going so far with a few machines, but for some reason there is sporadic routing information being passed between any of them. They all seem to mostly neighbor up okay though.

Here's the topology of the network. They all communicate on

              FBSD1       FBSD2        Linux
                 |          |            |
             Internal1  Internal2   Internal3
Star's interfaces:
eth0 (internal)

wpci1 (External interface - su mode)

wpci2 (internal - ap mode)
FBSD1's interfaces:
fxp0 (external ether)

virt0 (internal virtual)
FBSD2's interfaces:
em0 (external ether)

fxp0 (internal ether)
Linux's interfaces:
eth2 (external ether)

eth3 (internal ether)
For some reason my two FBSD boxes "see" the route from the linux box, and the linux box sees the from FBSD2.

None of them are being sent, (or are accepting; I haven't done a tcpdump yet) the default route from

None of them show in their neighbors or topology, but shows all of them.

Also oddly enough, FBSD2 and Linux both have a route to on FBSD1. I'm not sure why this is either. There's no 192.x's in any host's Hna4 section.

Also, they are all running olsrd 0.5.4, which is the same as the version in star, which is running on XSCALE-WAR V3 1.3.13

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction here. Smile
You have to ensure that options in the config are the same as the Star Options. The FreeBSD boxes require some tweaks to comply.
Have you used the HTTP interface on each node to troubleshoot and see who is seeing who?

You have to start by making sure each box is seeing each neighbor that it should be seeing, confirmed by looking in the HTTP interface.

My best guess here is that your StarOS node's eth0 IP isn't
Please see:

I also added it here:
StarOS Community Wiki:
Huh, I think that did it. Thanks tog.

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