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SNMP and Cacti
I've been trying to dig through the search function on this forum and on the cacti forums to find information about what (if anything) is available beyond the default SNMP interface statistics for graphing via cacti, but haven't really found anything. Would it be possible to release some sort of general summary of what SNMP information is available from the 1.3 driver? I could benefit from legacy information as well, if it's readily available, but would be really happy with at least information for the current drivers.

Also, is there an idiot's guide to SNMP that people would recommend?
That is easy. Simply download our mib files (available in the firmware archive for any edition), and take a peak through it. Everything that is listed is supported in the current beta.

In addition, the ethernet stats are also available on the Atheros cards now, as well as a subset of the IEEE802dot11-MIB mib.
Thank you.
Hi Dl
It's me again with another question re Cacti.
What is the wifi template for and what makes it different than the wpci 1 monitoring.?
We have it up and running with the Weatherman plug in but the numbers "Just aint right".
Two nodes that have 1.5 meg each should show up as 3 meg on the output side of the BH link it feeds.
It is displaying .867 or so. Looking for answers.

"I have no excuses, Just reasons"


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