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OpenWrt for new hardware
Still looking at why you are unable to get 40 MHz channels. Work in Progress.

I have updated the 1214 firmware to reverse LAN and WAN. Please update this before you get too many with the improper assignments.
I seem to be having issues with the config's saving with the new build test and applies ok but doesn't survive a reboot
Dang. That is not good news.

There is really no way to troubleshoot this. Jtag is not available and while the system is updating it is in a very primitive state with no tools available. I am going to try a step back to the 18.06 version. It is a shot in the dark but the best I can do. The hardware is stable and the write to flash is quite simple, so something must be crashing before the flash is written out. They use a running config in Ram and it gets written to flash storage at certain times.

It'll take me a few days to get 18.06 going and then a few more to add the custom devices, so hopefully by mid next week I will have a firmware to test.

I am so sorry about this and will do my best to get it fixed.

Can you confirm this the 1205 or the 1214, or both?
As I was waiting for another compile, it occurred to me that there could be some "cruft" in the configs that is preventing the flash write.

Is it possible for you to do a factory reset, under System, Restore. Please do a config backup first, System, Generate Archive.

I am still going to do the previous version so I can compare things, but it would be a shame if it also was hurt by some rogue config items.
If you are unable to to do the factory reset, ie an operational system, will you send me a config backup, please? Since I have not seen this on the 19.07 release it could be because my configs are "pristine", ie never been subjected to a version upgrade.

If it is a config file issue then I also would never see it with the 18.06 I am working to build.

So, it is essential that I be able to replicate your situation and that would start with your configs.
I can't do anything without a config dump from a unit that does not save. As I have said I cannot duplicate the situation so have no way to even try and trouble shoot this.
Sorry for the delay getting details back to you. The issues occurred on a new unit with a default config. I'll try again with the M214N (as it gave me issues) I didn't try with the M1205N when I ran in to issues.
hmm. So the new units have a known flaw which I corrected with the latest available firmware, and even made the ports jibe with the labels.

Can you confirm that you upgraded to the very newest firmware? It has never exhibited any issue of not saving configs to flash.

Process to be sure you do not have old configs.

Power off. Wait a second or 2 then power on, and hold in the reset switch. You will see all of the lights flash. After the 3rd flash release the switch. If you have a ping going to you will see that it begins to ping soon after. Once it pings, point your browser to and you will get the recovery screen. Choose the new firmware and then apply it. It will be doing the reflash with n o feedback. After about 5 seconds close your browser, but do NOT touch the power to the unit. It has to complete.

When it begins to ping again, you can go to the unit and begin to configure. I usually just enter the password and save. Then I log out and log back in to check the password. If that passes, pull the power plug and try a full power cycle. It should require the new password if it was save to flash.

Please let me know what it does.

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