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OpenWrt for new hardware
Hows the new download link coming along ?
The very latest 19.07 Openwrt has a HUGE bonus is that a single firmware handles both the 1205 external antenna and 1214 internal antenna units. I can even restore a config between the 2 different units. It ALWAYS saves to flash, which plagued the first releases.

The BIG gotcha is that 4 of the edge licensed frequencies are disabled. The system is seeing them but so far refuses to use them. I will get them going and am very close.

So, I will release the 19.07 firmware for the new 2.4 GHz units, but without complete licensed frequency support. At least you can begin to use them and only 4 channels are missing.

The firmware is here:
OK, all is VERY GOOD now. I tracked down the missing edge frequencies and the firmware at: is now proper.

Enjoy and let me know how it goes.

BTW, ## is not a legitimate country code for the Openwrt GUI so I used the World code, which is 00 in the country code menu.
(02-17-2020, 06:06 AM)lonnie Wrote: How do we go about updating a ventana with the new firmware?
In the posted cloud downloads there is a section for the Ventana firmware and a special ConvertToVentana folder with instructions on how to create a boot flash and then use it to convert to Openwrt.
I went to the sync URL provided but don't see an option for the new hardware... :-(

I can live with out a few of the Edge Channels hile you work out the remaining kinks!
For want of a better term I simply placed it under the War1b2Ghz. I have now renamed that to Starburst

BTW, I was able to fix it and now all the channels are available.
Scratch that figured it out seems that the new firmware is in the War1B2ghz folder. Folder name is a bit misleading as the old M1214-N equipment was called War1B as well.

Testing it out now. Page loads seem slow and generate "XHR request timed out" errors in Chrome "Version 80.0.3987.116" but seems to be ok in Firefox. I'll let you know how I make out as I play with it more. Will this Frimware work on the M124N Starburt CF-E314N?
Yes, it should work on them both, for now.

They will eventually change to be their own firmware. In reality they share a common core but the LED stuff is way different. I figure that for now we can get by without the blinky lights.

Hope your testing goes well. Feedback is appreciated.
Seems I can get the new to as AP's to each other and other devices in band, however once you move to a "world" frequency it stops broadcasting and are not see by each other or licensed War1b units. This seems to affect both the SB-M1214N and 1205N units. They will however connect to the other Star-OS equipment running on a licensed/world frequency without much issue.

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