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OpenWrt for new hardware
Late, very late, last night I was able to modify OpenWrt and perfectly track a StarOS ## on 5 GHz, from 4.9 to the top.  It is all manual to set it, so now I have to automate that.  But it works.

I had to abandon the idea of porting StarOS to the new hardware.  I have OpenWrt going very nicely on the hardware and all I was lacking was the licensed channels.

I will not even try for the 5 & 10 MHz channels.  My testing shows it is all about air time.  So if you use a standard 20 MHz channel and set a throughput limit, it frees up all of the air time for other units on or near the same channel.

What this also means is that as new hardware becomes available it will be much easier to support.

I expect to have this all tidied up in a couple of weeks.  I know this has been said before, but it was always at the start of the project, never this close to the end, an it is working.  I have spent hundreds, maybe thousands, of hours to get this.  I'm maybe too stubborn, but I don't quit.
HUGE success.

I now have OpenWrt that can track all StarOS ## channels for the Ventana, old War1B-5GHz, new StarBurst1214 and newStarBurst1205.

Work is in progress to make it easier for Ken to load it onto new gear. If it already has StarOS, then it has to stay that way and you can use it as a Client. Clients have always been reliable so we are only worried about replacing the AP units.

I now have a Flash converter for the Ventana, so it can move to OpenWrt. If they get bricked they can be jtag'ed. The War1B style units are garbage if they bet bricked on an update.

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