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New hardware nearly has StarOS ported
My apologies. I have been able to have them recognize the hardware, even showing them on the main screen. Ethernet are fine. The radios are recognized but they will not activate.

Somewhere, somehow, the board is still identified as a War1B.

I am going to start over, for the third time and hope this is the lucky one. I had started by simply cloning the War1B and then editing it to be the new hardware, but something is being missed.

I have had to take a break as my brain starts to wander after too many hours of driver perusal.

My project, at the moment is an add-on the MyWisp that can build a list of AP/Clients and then scan the AP. If it is live then it will scan the Clients. If they are done it typically indicates an AP stall and the AP is then activated. It is written in C# and I find it enjoyable and relaxing. Nearly done and then it is back to the new hardware driver.
I have had to abandon the idea of porting StarOS to the new hardware. The BIG reason is that it is very hard and I have been unable to get it past the 95% phase. HOWEVER, I have been able to add licensed channels to OpenWrt and I already have the new hardware supported with it, so this marks the official start of StarOS using OpenWrt.

I think I will still use the name because of the very long history.

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