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Routing or Bridging Problem in v2.01.7
We recently deployed some staros wrap units and I am seeing some very strange bridging behaviour. Here is the general setup.

ROUTER<-1->WRAP1<-2->WRAP2<-3->WRAP3<-4->Customer LAN Subnet

1) The ROUTER is cabled in to WRAP1 via ethernet1.
2) WRAP1(AP-wpci1) connects to WRAP2(Client-wcpi1) via 5.3 Wireless Connection (CM9)
3) WRAP2(AP-wpci2) connects to WRAP3(Client-wpci1) via 5.3 Wireless Connection (CM9)
4) WRAP2 connects to Customer Subnet via ethernet1

All of the interfaces on WRAP1 and WRAP2 are bridged. WRAP3 has an IP on the wpci1 interface on the same subnet as the router and is setup to route to the internal ethernet1 interface(no bridging). There is a static route on the router pointing to the customers subnet with a next hop of the WRAP3 boards wpci1 IP.

The problem we are seeing is, none of the customer IP's are pingable until they first establish an outbound connection from their network. This is ok for their Internet access, but they also have a server which they are coming into infrequently. After about an hour of inactivity to this server, they drop out of the bridged client list on WRAP2 and they can no longer be accessed. If they initiate a ping from that server out to the Internet, it gets put back into the bridged client list on WRAP2 and then is accessible once again.

What is strange is when the device is not pingable, I can go into the beacon real time traffic monitor and see the ICMP requests for the destination IP on wpci1 on WRAP3. However, I do not see ICMP making it thru to the ethernet1 on WRAP3.

Also what I don't understand, is since there is a static route in the router to the WRAP3 outside IP, why it just doesn't hand it off to it. The router can ping the outside IP on WRAP3 with out a problem so I guess I am not sure if this is a routing or bridging problem.

FWIW, I have tried placing statip ARP mappings in WRAP3 and static routes in WRAP1 and 2 with no luck. If any one has a clue on what could be wrong, please let me know.

I hate to reply to my own post, but it should also be noted that when this one server is not accessible, all the other IP's on that subnet that have recent outbound connections are reachable.
First, I would try to take everything out of bridging and change to routing. Use some private IPs temporarily.. or whatever you have. If that fixes it, then you have a bridging problem. I have 802.1d bridging (STP) off on every AP because I know there will not be a bridge loop in my network and it speeds things up a little. If you find it not to be a bridging problem then maybe try a VDS bridge from WRAP1's ethernet all the way down to the last radio and route from there.

Your router <ethernet> WRAP1-ether1 <--VDS--> WRAP3-wpci1 | WRAP3-ether1 = client subnet

I am not really familiar with VDS as it appears to be something proprietary to StarOS. What exactly does linking up two StarOS boxes via VDS do? Is it just an encrypted, bridged tunnel?

It is just a tunnel between two systems. It creates a virtual Ethernet device that you can bridge or router and assign an IP to. The tunnel can be compressed and encrypted if you wish, although those options require considerable CPU power.

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