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Registration Benefits
If you want to only read the Forums, you can do so without registration.

If you would like to make posts for Support and Suggestions you will need to register for an account

If you want to send a PM (Private Message) to me you will also need to register.

I do NOT use the email for any purpose, other than for login, so you will NOT be getting any spam as a result of registering.  I hate spam as much as anybody and will not stoop to that tactic.  I also will NOT be selling your email.  As I said, it is strictly for registration as a rudimentary validation attempt.

Note, that sometimes the Forums will send you an email, to notify you if you have contravened any of the rules of good forums etiquette, but absolutely no sales stuff.

If you desire to talk with me, then PM.  If your topic requires more than a simple answer, hen give me your email so that I may respond that way.  I use gmail and it is nice to be able to search my history.  The PM system is not searchable and gets cumbersome after a bit.

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