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VRRP in V3??
I saw a couple of threads with regards this but they seemed to go of course a bit. Is it possible to add VRRP in V3 so that we can use 2 StarOS routers on a lan segment as master and backup? At present this is the only thing stopping me from completely using StarOS and ditching Mikrotik (which has VRRP and therefore enables me to have a fully redundant network).

I agree with him having VRRP implimented asap , cause i was humiliated a couple of times when i went and click apply changes for some new static entries and still humiliated how come that we still need when adding new route entries we have to apply changes and all network and interfaces went down and plsu the wireless part and ooops suddently our main router crashed . restart working good i had similar problems with same router many times .

So the VRRP system will help this a lot .
Technical Manager
GlobalProof s.a.r.l
We'll take a look at the available packages.
Any chance on this for V4?
We'll take another look. It seems that there are 2 projects that are still alive so we'll see if they work in the newer kernels.

I know it would come in handy for many people.
Pretty please! I got a whole stack of new boards i want this on.
I have added it to our list.
What would the timeline be on this, like a couple months?

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