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Where did my License Keys Credit Go?
Unfortunately my last functional database backup was from Feb 2019.  This means tha ALL licenses issued after that time until now are gone, as are your credits and charges.

To be fair about this, I will be going through the PayPal records and will add in your credits.  I have no way to add the charges for issued licenses so you will have a credit if you ever need to lookup one up and it is missing.  Just buy a new one using your credit.

Handy TIP - The MyWisp program, nearly ready for release, will allow you to record the site Request Keys and Licenses.  If you load MyWisp and do this then you will be keeping your own Archive and will have a credit for future use.

MyWisp keeps track of the site info and can even place them on a map.  It can get stats and logs, do updates and makes it easy to do ssh or browser logins.

It uses RSA 2048 for all password and confidential fields, so it is very secure.  I use it for my all of my Banking and use the random password generator for a strong, unique password for every site.  No more using one password for everything.  The same with all my software licenses and registrations.

MyWisp will run for 90 days and then will need a license, which will be $20.  You might even consider using some of your restored credit to buy a license or two for MyWisp.

For info:    When I do release it, there will be an announcement on this Forums and the files site will have the actual download.
I have applied credits for all PayPal Payments. Enjoy and I am so sorry this happened.

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