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Things are coming back live
We had 3 servers with Hostflyte, in different cities.  Looking to save time and storage I set things up to do backups between the machines.  The rationale was that if all machines in 3 cities went down, the world was having more issues than our server problems.  Was I ever wrong.  Two weeks ago all of the servers went dead and what followed was a game of delay delay.  Finally I just went ahead and ordered a business internet feed and setup a nice HP I7 quad core server with 16 GB ram and 256 GB SSD disk.

Originally it was to be have been a VmWare image since I have used it for many years to do StarOS development on a windows host.  It is great, BUT, by the time Windows had wanted to do an update and reboot for the third time in a week I could see trouble.  So a dedicated machine, in house is now the way of the future.  No more far-off cloud crap.  I want something I can touch.

So, the dedicated box was configured and the routing was setup so I could use my static and my dynamic IP. 

One of the big tasks was the license server since it was built with old 32 bit libraries.  By the time I had upgraded everything to latest and greatest, a week had gone by, but it is now better than ever.

I was in the process of upgrading the old MyBB Forums and the upgrade decided to KILL the MySQL server.  How can that be?  I removed and re-installed MySQL.  PostgreSQL has always been a solid and fast database server.  This new Flux Forums is one of the few Forums that support PostgreSQL.  We'll see when it gets some users and posts, but I have faith.  My operation is tiny compared to what some people are doing with it.  ** Update  I had 3 pages of garbage spammers registered in less than a day, so I went back to MyBB and will not be trying to import or rebuild.  It is beginning fresh, which is OK, because most of the previous Forums was historical and not very relevant today.  **  Sorry to say but you will have to register to be able to post.

Oh, and I found out that MyBB does support Postgres, but after the shock of that many spammers knocking on the door, I want MyBB to use a different database server.  MyBB has ZERO spam registrations in over 24 hours.  What a difference so anti-spam check makes.

In that vein, I am also going to redo the StarOS website and ditch the WordPress core as it used MySQL.  It was nice with the firewall they provided but in reality all they did was use Linux facilities.

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