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    Default FWIW: Putty / Kitty mod.

    I have had all kinds of problems seeing the IP fields because of the interplay of background colors mixing with the ascii text colors.
    I found that if I go to the default session, load it up and then go to colors and change the ascii Green to something pinkish or light purple I can read the entries. (Don't forget to save it.. )
    Now when I select an IP address line it is white lettering on a background I can see .
    My old eyes are getting tired so while I am in there I increase the fount size and style from 10 up to something I can see.
    I find I make fewer typos now.
    Just a little thing to make life easier.
    Work safe,

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    Why not go to Default Settings and change the font size? I doubt anyone would complain about the font being too big. And if they do, tell them, tough, deal with it.

    Colours should also work in the default settings.
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    Try the latest 4.8.x.x firmware. It is becoming very stable and complete.

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