Anyone know of any single or 3 radio platforms that Siam supports?

I haven't seen any war1b SBC's for awhile and I am always looking for a three port platform.
Ventana is to expensive for some applications and requires a quality regulated power supply.
Anyone else having Ventana restart problems after a power outage ? or am I just lucky that way.
I tried using the 48 VDC @.6 amp Power supplies that came with WP-188's
They don't seem to recover after a power hit or storm related interruption.
I am only using 3 radios so I thought they would do the trick.
I am in the process of changing to din rail 24vdc at 2.5 amp power supplies because that is what I happen to have on hand.
Will this Siam OS FW run on a MT Routerboard ?
This would be a good combination with a RF Elements station box XL package.

I have to use external narrow beam antennas.