I have slowly been working on a very simple password organzier for general and wisp use.

It is a free form database, meaning you can add and delete fields as you choose for any entry.

All data is safely encrypted using AES256. This will keep people from snooping your info. When you click on an item it will create a popup that will have the username, password and url of the site to login to. Simply click on a field and the data is copied to your system clipboard. Then ^V will copy to your browser or other program. Note that the url is multi-use. Left click will open your browser to the url and you can copy and paste the username and password for simple logging. If you Right click it opens putty.exe on the site and automatically passes the username and password.

You can create Directory entries to organize your info. It is pretty hard to find your site when you get more than a 100 or so. Directories make it easy.

Where this will be handy for a WISP is for creating an organized list of your sites, with IP, username and password. You can also put in the customer info making it a very handy service tool.

The info list is created as simple encrypted data files, meaning that something like DropBox can be used and then have the list shared with your DropBox directories on your other systems.

You can download it here: https://ln.sync.com/dl/52f1f4920#fhx...nchn9-7wr5uvwc

It is called The Safe. When it runs it expects to install to your directory choice. After installation it renames itself to beSafe, creates any missing directories and files, including putty. Everything it needs is in the program file.

Also, there are no ads. It is truly free.