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    Default WFIW: Easy WP-188 to Ventenna retrofit (Works for me)

    WP-188 to Vantenna retro.jpg

    I made a template for the bottom of the old case. Drill / tap 2 6x32 nc holes.
    Stack up 5 6x32 x 1/4 h computer standoffs. (I have thousands of em in bottles from the building days)
    A drop of locktite on each one to keep them from backing off. The rest you can see from the picture.
    I am only using 3 radios and I opted for the bottom so I woud have easy clearance to plug into eth 2 for in the air testing.
    The board is cantilevered with just the 2 screws.. It works for me.

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    Hehe, very nice. As long as the old aluminum box is still in good shape why not.
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