I have built all appropriate firmware images and the ones that have passed testing are in the sync.com download folder https://cp.sync.com/dl/eefcc90f0#9n8...pukt4-pmqymmxv
I have decided it is disorganized to have the reports in a separate thread, so please make any reports in this thread.

This is essentially the 7841 Release but with all of the firmware images.

The changes made were to the Rx handling to better handle noise. Previous fixes were made to reduce or eliminate the card resets.

This release has passed a 4 hour test, and the 7841 release passed a 20 hour test. It is stable and has shown no issues. Due to the card resets for 802.11n cards, this is a highly recommended release if you are using 11n cards.

It will not have any effect at all for other cards.

I have been unable to test the PC and Server versions.

The APU version does not reboot. Looking into it now. I have to get a serial console cable so I can see what is crashing.