I have been auditing and tweaking our driver and I am very HAPPY to report that the long standing card reset issues should be gone. You will now only rarely see the following log entries in your systems:

Dec 31 16:57:12 kernel: phy0: Performing hard card reset
Dec 31 16:57:13 admin: wifi: phy0: card stalled (PCI error, or too much noise) - restarting device
Dec 31 16:57:15 kernel: wpci0: deauthenticating from f0:f2:49:3c:ba:48 by local choice (Reason: 3=DEAUTH
Dec 31 16:57:15 wpci0: station event: DISCONNECTED

I consider this code to be beta at this time and I have only tested the War1B and Ventana builds. I will be testing the others throughout today and will post them to the link and announce here when a firmware has been approved as working and not making bricks.

This has been a long time coming. Note that if you have any issues with the above log entry in your F9 Kernel Logs this is a definite MUST UPGRADE release. Note that the work has only fixed the ABGN cards (our BANG coined term) and will not do anything for the good old ABG cards, which I have never heard complaints about. I believe most people are in the process of switching to 11N or have already switched.

I would appreciate if people will install this and report back to a separate thread I will start for the reports. I would like to keep this thread for info from me about the status of the various platforms to be tested.

The download link is:

The verified firmware, and available for download:

7. 32 MB War2
8. 64 MB War4

The following have failed to build correctly: I will investigate later with a serial terminal and see the new image fails to boot
1. Compex WP188
2. ADI Metro

I am unable to test the X86-Server, X86-PC, and X86-APU. I have put their images in the downloads, UNTESTED, so use at your own risk. I did this because it is easy to recreate your older image if the new one is faulty.

I am declaring the WRAP as End of Life and will not build it. It does not make sense to use a WRAP with 11N cards and the older firmware is OK with the older cards, so there is no gain with an upgrade.