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    Default StarOS Mass Password Change

    I know there have been some posts on this issue in the past but I thought I would see if anyone has come up with a better attack on how to do mass password changes on STarOS units. We created a script using XDOTOOLS to do the appropriate keystrokes to login to a unit, perform the password change and log out. The password changes fine, however, when rebooted the units switch back to the old password.

    We did not do a save changes as when you do this manually and change the password and do not do a Save, the password keeps even after a reboot.

    Just wondering if anyone would have any insight into why this would happen. We have modified the script to also do an Alt - F -1 (save changes), however I thought I would post this before I actually do the testing.

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    Your configuration does not save to flash (including changing your password) unless you save.
    StarOS Community Wiki: http://staros.tog.net/

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