Just a heads up for anyone wanting to get a few of the Ventana 6 port cards. There will soon be a new price of $300 and for a limited time (YSYL) I will be offering a $100 credit on any working Laguna returned to us for a matching Ventana purchased.

It is time to get these boards in use and people seem hesitant. At this price point it makes sense to start using them. They are the best boards we have seen and are stable with no software work arounds for hardware design issues. Performance, although no in the Gb range are substantially over 100 mbps per radio so will be a very good repeater base or AP pod.

I'm waiting for Ken to get back from a mini getaway before we post the price on the website. Note we will also be reducing the mini PCIe cards so if you have been holding off because of the price, get ready. It will no longer be an issue.