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    Default Multiple wans Fail Over OLSR

    I have a multi port board, 1 wpci wan 3 wpci aps and 1 ether feeding 2 other aps.
    I have added a 24gig BH to eth2 to give me more bandwidth and to free up some 5gig bandwidth/spectrum

    I am running olsr.
    I want to use the old 5gig wpci wan as a fail over for if and when the 24gig drops out due to heavy rain.
    I have 2 other 24gig ptp's shorter distance, one has dropped for a min or so a couple times. The other never has.
    This one is a bit further so I expect a drop out and want to do fail over using OLSR.

    What change would I make to get the fail over that mesh is supposed to do?


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    There shouldn't be any specific change needed if you have OLSR running between the routers on either side and the staros routers on either side see each other via the two available wireless links. Just set the LinkQualityMult to 0.10 on the backup link as outlined here:
    StarOS Community Wiki: http://staros.tog.net/

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    Thanks Tog
    I will try that

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