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    Default Ventana throughput numbers

    This table contains performance numbers for the Ventana platform, using iperf.

    Ventana systems are available from Cue-Link. (prod id: VenQuad6)

    Cards used:
    WLE300NX 3x3 mPCIe (AP), WLE350NX 3x3 mPCIe (STA)

    Server (AP) runs:
    iperf -s

    Client (STA) runs:
    iperf -c $AP_IP -t 10

    The AP and Client both have connection tracking disabled, and distance set to Card Default (def).
    Distance between units is 10 feet, line of sight, and using 3 inch whip antennas. Testing conditions were not optimal, and results will be updated as more tests are performed from time to time.

    11NA HT5:
    1x1: 11.4 Mbits/sec
    2x2: 21.8 Mbits/sec
    3x3: 29.9 Mbits/sec

    11NA HT10:
    1x1: 25.3 Mbits/sec
    2x2: 47.8 Mbits/sec
    3x3: 68.8 Mbits/sec

    11NA HT20:
    1x1: 52.0 Mbits/sec
    2x2: 99.1 Mbits/sec
    3x3: 141.0 Mbits/sec

    11NA HT40:
    1x1: 107.0 Mbits/sec
    2x2: 205.0 Mbits/sec
    3x3: 234.0 Mbits/sec

    More modes and platforms to come.
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