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    Default Lonnie sure is quiet.

    I wonder if he is Star Gazing again?

    (Can't wait, I spend several hours a week with that program.)


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    Stargaze is taking very good shape. The database is nearly refined, meaning I have not had to change the structure for nearly a week.

    I was not wanting too much early discussion and speculation but it is apparent that in order for you guys to prepare, you will need to have some advance info.

    The new Stargaze is a mapping application. It does not require GPS coordinates but if you have them or can add them, then it will really add to the value of the program.

    You may use the map area as a simple canvas and drag your sites around to wherever you want. They remember where you placed them and take on the map coordinates of that point. Doing this I can make David's old Stargaze have the same general shape. Tabs are not used and you would simply scroll to another map area and display those new sites. This makes for an unlimited size display with zooming.

    The true value will come if you start to enter GPS coordinates or simply drag the sites to the proper map location.

    There will be auto SSH, rx & tx test, firmware upload/download, as well as license and config info storage, so it can become a one stop location for all the info you would gather. SNMP is planned but has not even been looked at yet and will require a true server since it would tear the network down to have multiple programs grabbing snmp data from your sites.

    At this time I'm still working on the core mapping and database toolset. It is too early to predict an accurate date for the beta, but I'll take a stab at around the middle of March, so it is getting fairly close.
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    Try the latest 4.8.x.x firmware. It is becoming very stable and complete.

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