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    Dr Love
    The reason there has to be record keeping for work trucks is because you get to write off the expense of your work vehicles.
    Should be no wonder that some people try to game the system and write off their personal vehicle as a work vehicle and take the extra tax break.
    Sure it's a bureaucracy, but it's because some people, many people, will try to cheat at every opportunity.
    Has nothing to do with democracy or not.

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    While I share the Good Dr's mistrust of the goverment, I do LOVE these GPS thingys for customer billing, customer locating, and for fleet control.

    I had a small logger unit like this, but with bluetooth, a few years ago. The idea was that when the van pulled in, we could link to it wirelessly and pull the logs off it. It ended up getting stolen, and it was a bit of a PITA since we occasionally would have to walk to the unit and click a button on it to re-enable the bluetooth (which kinda defeated the purpose) but the idea was great - van get's home, computer wakes up and downloads the logs. Good deal.

    After it got stolen, we ended up getting real-time sytems that we can see remotely. It's great when a customer calls in with a service issue, and we can look at the screen and know where all the vehicles are. It's nice to see a van moving, to know that some installer has just left customer A, and we can tell customer B right while he's on the phone that our installer will be there is 12 minutes.

    Also, when an installer is having a problem with a link, it's great to be able to get his exacty GPS location, plug it into Radio Mobile and see what he's dealing with, all while he's on the roof.

    And, it's nice if we have to send a bill out, and the customer doesn't think it should be that much and think the guy was there for 10 minutes - it's nice to say "actually, he arrived at 9:13 AM and left at 11:51 AM, so that was 2hrs, 38mins at your place".

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