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    Default Beta Testers Wanted

    As you've seen over the past while, I've been releasing Windows based utilities (GIU syslog server, console syslog server, GUI archiver).

    Aside from the fact that they would be of use, I was hoping to generate some feedback, bug reports, etc, resulting in some usefull tools to add to your toolbox.

    I am looking for some beta testers that would be willing to go on some test runs and report back on what works, what doesn't, what's missing... the usual type of alpha/beta type of thing.

    I would also like to spread the testing around the globe and see if localization is or isn't an issue.

    I do have a couple of requirements:
    1. You must be willing to try the new code when it comes available
    2. You must be willing to report back with good/bad/ugly details
    PM me if you're interested.
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    ok will do
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    I would be happy to beta test. We are a small beach community in New Zealand with only 25 clients connected wirelessly to one StarV3 via an omni antenna. We are still developing the system and have been researching various management and billing systems - haven't found one yet to use so we would be keen to try one.

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