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    Default war client replacement

    Hey all
    I have a delima. I have a war lint that is 2 port war(host) to 4 port war(repeater) to used to be 2 port war at client. The 2 port died and now I need a quick replacement. shame on me for not ordering a spare board in time. What I have now is a wrap 2c with atheros and mikrotik 2.8 in it. It will associate and pass traffic but the ping times are very eratic. Would the latest version of star os on this board work better? This will only be a temporary fix as I will order the new board on Monday along with a spare.
    Please give me advice
    Kenny Beall

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    We have not really tested that. All testing was WAR to WAR for speed reasons. It is simple enough to load v2 on a flash and try it in demo mode.
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    Try the latest 4.8.x.x firmware. It is becoming very stable and complete.

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    We had to replace a repeater site with a WAR before it was planned. We now have a 15 mile WAR to WRAP - Star-OS link running fine. It's running just as well as it was with the WRAP - Orinoco setup... maybe better.

    All I know is that it stays up and doesn't set off any alarms. Customers don't complain but it's lightly loaded.
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