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Thread: WAR Performance

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    Default WAR Performance

    I am about to purchase some war equipment, a 4 radio 533 and a 2 radio 533 and also a 266 single radio with rootenna.

    What kind of real world thru put in bandwidth are you seeing?

    I would like to use the 4 radio as a repeater with 2 of the radios for one customer and the other 2 radios for a repeater for a longer distance link.

    One link is less than one mile and the other is 18 miles.

    I need up to 15mb on the short link and up to 10 mb on the longer link.

    Is it realistic to expect this kind of performance from the WAR boards with starvx?

    thank you
    Kenny B

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    Please read the posts I have made about our 100 km span using 6 repeaters and pulling 20+ mbps end to end. Yes, it is realistic and we were doing it.

    I recently converted that entire network to v3 on the WAR boards. We needed it to test the new software.
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    Try the latest 4.8.x.x firmware. It is becoming very stable and complete.

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