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    Default Anybody tried this yet?

    I'm curious to see how this is received and even more, how is it working. Is it too basic? Does it lack the drivers you need? Is it useless without a user interface?
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    Try the latest 4.8.x.x firmware. It is becoming very stable and complete.

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    Sorry for waiting so long for feedback, but it takes a while to install it (btw. .iso installer used for staros would be nice).

    Yes, it is too basic:

    It lack the some NIC drivers (something basic like lnc would be nice).

    Kernel is not fixed to solve ATAPI access to some flash cards (sandisk, etc.).

    IPFW could be updated to latest stable, that would be 3.4.33 if I'm not wrong.

    Zebra is a must.

    GUI would be briliant, this way you find yourself in very obscure shell (I'm quite fine with FreeBSD, btw), without help or any first step instructions. You're best at doing GUIs, so I find myself a little disapointed that your picoBSD release comes without any.

    anyhow, I'm happy to see this release. more usable one would be even greater. :wink:

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    Default PicoBSD...

    Sure, since you've gone past the size of a floppy, then might as well tack a GUI on it. Personally, I'd like it to be able to go on a wrap, or similar board with 3 NICs, and use serial console, plus be able to easily save changes to a tftp server, or somewhere else, also syslog logging.
    I have not looked at ANY of these images yet, so maybe they already do most of this stuff. I'll be snagging the floppy version, so hopefully that'll run on alot of things. But I dont think wrap boards have a floppy connector.. hmm.. I've been out of the scene too long.. need a wrap to play with.

    Also, has anyone put any of these images (including a StarOS) onto a vmware virtual machine for testing?

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